Matt HealeyMonday,10 December 2012

The Snap

We have now entered the Fantasy Football playoffs. My team was eliminated a few weeks ago. Since then I have been busy trying to position myself for next year. Cutting players that have expensive salaries and older players. But that is not important right now. What is important is that the Yeomen, the team that my brother runs, is in the playoffs.

The Download

Make no mistake, if I was in the playoffs against my brother, as I was last year, I would do everything in my power to win. And last year that is exactly what happened in the championship game. But I am out and so I wish him the best of luck. If I can not win, then I want him to.

His first game will be against the Standard Deviant. This will be a challenge as the Deviant has a good team but has a tendency to make stupid moves in the playoffs. As evidence last year I played him in the Superbowl and he chose to start Tony Romo over Aaron Rodgers. Romo scored 0 fantasy points while Rodgers scored 44. Now no one can see the future, but Rodgers was consistently a top 3 QB by all objective rankings, and Romo has a history a fading in December. So, hopefully the Deviant will make similar choices this year, thus leading to the Yeomen advancing to the Superbowl. We will see.

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