Adrienne BoettingerFriday,7 December 2012

The Snap:

For more than a year, we’ve been hearing about the 99%, the 1% and the 47%. What about the nearly 16% of Americans who live at or below the poverty line? You don’t hear about them in political ads or press conferences of grandstanding politicians yelling about class warfare. Perhaps it’s because the poor have no Super Pacs to fill the airwaves. Now, more than ever in this post-election, ongoing holiday, and pre-country falling off the fiscal cliff (bottoms up!) season, what the poor need is a marketing campaign, maybe a theme song, and a viral video or two.

The Download:

Listening to politicians clamor over who loves the middle class more has grown a bit old. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t want to be wooed by people whose jobs revolve around seeking reelection? Particularly the old white men who are eerily familiar to the blind date reading from a playbook titled “What Idiots Think Women Want to Hear.”

But in this quest to get some serious beer goggles on the middle class and take advantage of them, why doesn’t anyone want to woo the poor? With the global economy largely in the crapper — and let’s not forget, our imminent demise via the so-called fiscal cliff (Cheers X 2!) — politicians’ chances of getting lucky are much better with the poor since their numbers are sure to be on the rise while the middle class dwindles away.

What the poor needs is a good PR manager to whip up a snazzy campaign. They need a Super Pac dedicated to getting their story on the air as much as campaign ads in Ohio before the presidential election. Maybe a video with baby sloths or adorable kittens will also help. Perhaps a celebrity endorsement like Clint Eastwood yelling at a chair (more on that here) or Chuck Norris warning of the country’s certain demise.

Until then, I’m afraid it’s up to us. Odds are if you’re reading this on a smartphone or tablet you can afford to donate to some of the truly worthy causes that don’t just take pictures of helping the poor, they walk the walk. I know times are rough but as I sit here merrily pecking away at my laptop, fed and warm, how can I not give and urge others who are able to do the same? Donate your time and/or money. Some of my favorite national and international charities who actually put your money where the poor’s mouths are include the Salvation Army,  Heifer International, and No Kid Hungry. Or use tools like Charity Navigator to find charities in your area.

But just to prove I’m not a hater of the uber wealthy, here’s how you can Save the Rich.

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