Matt HealeyMonday,3 December 2012

The Snap

I play Fantasy Football. I am in one league that is very complicated with salary caps, multi-year contracts etc. I’ve actually written about it in several posts (like this one and this one). I actually really like the game. I find it increases my enjoyment of watching football, because while I still am a Giants fan, I can now watch other games and be interested in them. However, apparently there are people who are addicted to fantasy football. That I have an issue with, because it seems like you can get addicted to anything.

The Download

I was reading The New York Times when I came across an article about being addicted to fantasy football. The writer described being compelled to check lineups, waiver wire pickups, etc. on a constant basis. He described someone pulling over on the highway so that they could make a late pickup. Clearly, these are signs that you need to lighten up and take it less seriously. After all, as the Fantasy Football guru that I listen to, Matthew Berry, aka The Talented Mr. Roto, constantly reminds us, it should be fun. For these addicts it is clearly not fun.

But are they really Fantasy Football addicts, or is there some other macro underlying issue? I say this because it turns out that the number of things that you can become addicted to has increased dramatically. In the past, addiction was mainly about chemical addiction: drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc. Not having these substances resulted in physical symptoms. Personally, I get massive headaches if I do not have coffee in the morning. Now, according to Tiger Woods you can be addicted to sex. According to C.D. Carter you can be addicted to Fantasy Football. WebMD says you can be addicted to shopping, and there is even a TV program called “My Strange Addiction” (Editor’s note: that link is gross). It seems to me that what is happening here is something like run of the mill OCD that is being channeled through a variety of activities. Can we return to simply calling this OCD and get away for every activity becoming the source of an “addiction”?

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ESPN TMR It should be funTiger Woods Sex AddictionNYT on Fantasy Football AdditionWebMD Shopping addictionMy Strange Addiction, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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