Joe GransingerSaturday,1 December 2012

The Snap:

Local Natives have been busy this past week releasing the official video for their new single “Breakers”, as well as promoting their sophomore album “Hummingbird” with a live performance on the set of BBC Radio 6 this past Tuesday.  The new album is due out January 29, 2013.

The Download:

Very few albums are legitimately remarkable from beginning to end, but Local Natives first attempt — ‘Gorilla Manor’ — is just that. It has been a long-time staple in both my iTunes library and the small CD collection I still keep around, and it’s great to put on for just about every occasion. I think everyone has a certain band that they fall in love with for reasons they don’t understand, and this is mine. There’s just something about those perfectly harmonized vocals that leave me standing in awe. Not to mention the near trance-inducing guitar melodies and drumbeats in almost every song; the result is simply delicious.

No one is more excited for ‘Hummingbird’ than I am, and I plan to be the first person standing in line to pick it up at midnight. Well, realistically, I’ll be downloading it on iTunes (because nobody still buys real CD’s, do they?), but you get my point. Even though I’m a huge fan of their first album, I wasn’t entirely sure that Local Natives were the real deal. It happens far too often that a young group makes a great album, and are never heard of again as they slowly fall off the cliff into mediocrity. Fortunately, judging from the singles that have been released – and a few live versions of the songs that haven’t – ‘Hummingbird’ should make for a solid follow-up offering.

Although it may be hard for them to top the successes of their debut album, I look forward to seeing how they have developed and grown as a group since 2009. And who can resist a band that has the front man sporting one of the best mustaches I have ever seen?

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BillboardLocal NativesBBC Radio 6, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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