Adrienne BoettingerFriday,30 November 2012

The Snap:

The Fiscal Cliff looms ahead and we are all preparing for Armageddon. Congress punted on a solution to reduce the deficit in 2011 and as a result all hell will break loose on 1 January 2013 when the combination of huge spending cuts and tax increases automatically kick in, unless Congress reaches a deal by New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, politicians and reporters are nearly hyperventilating in their breathless discussions of the dreaded Fiscal Cliff.

The Download:

In the interests of preventing my complete meltdown if I have to hear the words “Fiscal Cliff” for the 85 millionth time, I think we need to get serious. No, not with urging Congressmen to actually do something other than hold press conferences and look as if they are in intestinal pain, while it becomes patently obvious that they are probably going to wait until the last damned minute to make a deal.

What we need to do is to levy some penalties on Congress for not doing their jobs, rather than just let them hit us with the bill. Here’s what I propose: every time a Congressman or a pundit uses the term “Fiscal Cliff,” they must do a shot. Every time they say “So-called Fiscal Cliff,” it costs them two shots. Now to show that I’m not being unreasonable, for those who are in recovery, don’t drink for religious reasons, or are allergic to alcohol, they may opt to do the Chicken Dance. For those who think I’m not taking this seriously enough, ask yourself which would bring more happiness to the American people: watching your representative or senator on a Sunday morning show whining about the other party not being job creators OR watching John Boehner and Lindsey Graham doing shots at the Capitol Building whilst Mike Crapo (best name EVER) chicken dances ‘til the sun comes up.

Hat Tips:

The New Yorker, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic Wire, The Lawrence Welk Show: Chicken Dance, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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