Matt HealeyThursday,29 November 2012

The Snap:

In my previous job I used to have to write a lof of documents. I would publish around 25 a year while I was in the U.S. That was too many, but the number dropped to 5-10 when I moved to Asia. Then I switched jobs and not I do not write anything but these quick posts. I am finding that I miss it.

The Download:

One of the nice things about being in the research industry is that you get to do analysis on the macro trends in the IT industry. Doing the analysis and pulling the final document together is interesting. It is actually fun to look through tons of data to try to find the underlying trends that are not immediately obvious.

At that point, pulling the final document together becomes somewhat satisfying. You have been able to see, in the ideal case, both the forest and the trees. The document becomes the final product. Of course, not every document you write is this type of analytic and investigative doc. There are many short documents that are more along the lines of “Vendor X announced this…. I think this…..” They are much more like these posts than actual analysis. But the longer ones that involve actual research are interesting.

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