Matt HealeyWednesday,28 November 2012

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I have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in my fantasy league. In most situations this would mean trying to scrape along without much real interest. But the league I play in is a bit different. We have multi-year contracts with a salary cap. As a result, I am now starting the process of trying to trade away my expensive players that have only a few years left on their contract for prospects and cap space for next year.

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I built my team a few years ago around a few high priced strong players. Specifically, Tom Brady, MJD, Frank Gore, and Jason Witten. I also had prospects that worked out, namely DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy. There were also a lot of prospects that did not work out: Ted Ginn, Mike Sims-Walker, Josh Morgan, etc. But now the old guys are not playing well and I do not have the money or flexibility to do anything about it. I knew the end was coming, but figured I still had a shot at this year. I was wrong.

So I have begun the process of unloading players to teams that are on the verge of a playoff run for cap space and prospects. This is much harder than it looks, as trading in my league with the salary cap is difficult. But at least this league is interesting as even when you are out, there is always next year. And you can stay active trying to position yourself for the coming years.

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