Matt HealeyTuesday,27 November 2012

The Snap:

I have been very critical of religion in these blog posts. I refer to the Republicans as the “evangelical christian party of god.” I refuse to capitalize “christian” and “god.” Finally, I refer to god as your “imaginary friend.” This will not stop.

The Download:

I have decided to write this post because I got a tweet from a very smart lady who shall remain nameless pointing out that imaginary friends serve a purpose. I am sure they do, for those who want to believe. They have the right to believe and act accordingly. I will vigorously defend their right to believe. But I still have a problem.

The problem is the fraction of believers who can not simply believe, and then leave the rest of us alone. These are the people who equate preventing schools from requiring or sponsoring prayer in schools to banning all forms of prayer. They trot out the religious freedom argument when they are prevented from forcing others to believe what they do. You can pray, but do not force others to.

“I don’t believe in birth control, so as a pharmacist, I have the right to refuse to fill the prescription and not get fired.” No you do not — your job is to fill all legal prescriptions, not just the ones you like.

“My god tells me gay marriage is wrong, so I should be allowed to refuse marriage licenses to gay couples in states where same sex marriage is legal.” No you should not be — your job is to issue marriage licenses.

“I believe in creationism, even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. So science can not be taught in schools.” If the religious could demonstrate that they were capable of keeping their beliefs to themselves, then I would not feel the need to continually mock their imaginary friend.

Hat Tips:

Religious Freedom Bill to Require FL Student to participate in PrayersKansas allows pharmacist to refuse to fill prescriptions NYT on NY clerk refusing to issue same sex marriage licensesScience teachers refusing to teach science, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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