Matt HealeySunday,25 November 2012

The Snap:

Towards the end of this year the company that I work for will be moving offices. We are going from a great spot in downtown to a far less desirable location in an office park. No one likes the move. At least the company is not trying to pass this off as a benefit. They have come right out and said it is for cost savings and if you do not like it you are free to work from home. But that is not the source of the rant. It is the moving boxes and idiocy.

The Download:

The moving coordinator has placed moving boxes in various locations throughout the office so that people can pack up the stuff they want moved to the new location. To me this would seem like a straightforward proposition. You take the un-assembled box, assemble it, stick a label on it and be done. But no, there is a 3 page instruction manual that explains how to assemble the box. 3 pages on how to assemble a box. This requires and Ari rant.

How long have you been on this planet? You can not even assemble a cardboard box. You need 3 pages to tell you how to accomplish a simple task like this? Really? I would have thought that basic evolution would have filtered people like you out. How about this, if you can not figure out how to box your stuff up, then do not worry about it because you’re fired you dumb fuck.

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The Darwin Awards, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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