Matt HealeySunday,18 November 2012

The Snap:

On of the things that the U.S. used to be good at was moving on. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but you have to keep going regardless. Even if you really hate the outcome, you have to move forward. Now, you can continue to fight for the outcome you want, but you have to focus that energy on the people who actually are the problem. That is no longer the case, we are now being face with a bunch of dicks that engaging in a scorched earth policy towards their employees because Mittens didn’t win.

The Download:

You can hate Obama. Mittens thought that 53% of America would hate him. He was wrong. You can continue to fight his policies and contribute money to Tea Party groups. You can demand that your elected officials filibuster everything and shut down the government. All of those actions attack the target of your anger. The other side of the political aisle.

What you cannot do is attack your employees through layoffs because you lost the election. Nothing has changed in the business environment from late October to mid November. So laying off people now because of the election is nothing but being a dick. Further, the tax increase is on your profits, not revenue. So the tax increases are not a reason to cut staff. You are still making money after tax, just not as much. If you want to argue that the layoffs are because of the rules requiring you to provide health insurance, then you are an even bigger dick. Health insurance is tied to employment in the U.S. and you should have been providing it all along. If you do not like that fact then you should have a supported single payer system, which I am sure you did not.

Hat Tips:

Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, you’re a dick, Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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