Matt HealeySaturday,17 November 2012

The Snap:

Apparently Gen. Petraeus has been using some “advanced interrogation techniques” with his biographer. These techniques, that are not listed in the army field manual, involve a motel that rents rooms by the hour. He may have even gotten the idea for some of the techniques from Tiger Woods.

The Download:

The general is not the first guy who could not keep it in his pants. He is not even the highest ranking member of the military who got caught. That honor would have to go to one of the many commander in chiefs who were involved in similar activities. Clinton and Kennedy come to mind. So this is not an uncommon occurrence. The question is, should he lose his job over it?

Generally, I am very liberal about these kinds of things. I think that they should be handled between the couple. Keep in mind that I think the only rational response by the scorned spouse is taking what is most valuable to the cheating partner, and that could be a variety of things or body parts. But I am not sure that the employer should be involved. However, I think this case is different because according to my highly reliable source, my wife, the biographer was also in the military. When the affair is between two employees of the same organization it brings in another element and for that reason I think he should have been dismissed.

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Women of Tiger WoodsPetraeus Affair, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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