Matt HealeyFriday,16 November 2012

The Snap:

Given that we do not live in the U.S., we are not aware of the new TV schedules because generally it takes a few years for anything but the most hyped shows to make it over here (to Singapore). Last year the only new show we got was the painful Terra Nova. So I am not up on the latest TV, but from what I can see Hollywood is out of ideas.

The Download:

We have begun seeing promos for the reboot of Dallas. Really, that is what it has come to? Granted this has been coming for a while with the recycling of various 80s shows. The A-team was made into a movie, which I actually thought was good, Hawaii five-0 is in reboot, 21 Jump Street was made into a movie, and V is back. So far the reviews are mixed, at least according to me.

Now I understand that there only a few script ideas. Most movies and TV follows a very predictable path. Because of that, I do not begrudge Hollywood for following the predictable paths. Ground breaking movies are rare. Fight Club or Memento only come around so often. The same is true with TV. But that does not mean that Hollywood can not be at least somewhat creative with the existing ideas. Character development, dialogue, etc all can make an existing plot idea good. The complete reliance on existing ideas eliminates a lot of these opportunities. Especially around character development. It is lazy writing.

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DallasMementoFight Club, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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