Shane BarnhillThursday,15 November 2012

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Social media was once the domain of bleeding edge, innovative brands that were willing to take risks on emerging technologies and channels. However, it has long since become a standard component of the marketing and customer service plans for even the most stodgy and slow-moving companies. These businesses use standard, quantifiable business metrics, such as ROI and sales leads, to measure the contributions of social media tactics to larger business goals. Thus, almost no one — at least no one with real credibility in the social media and digital marketing space — talks up schemes for accumulating followers and Likes anymore.

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It was with great disappointment, then, that I recently read about 3 myths of social media ROI, which in my view talks down to readers by “dispelling” the myth that “Measuring likes and follows equals ROI.” Even more disappointing to me was that I’d clicked through to this post via a tweet from a digital marketer whose work I respect, and whose links generally point to well-researched, insightful articles.

Look everyone — and I mean everyone, for all time, through the end of the world: We get it. Seriously, enough already. Nobody is pimping follower-building schemes to unwitting clients anymore, so you can rest easy now. There’s nobody left to warn. No more snake oil salesman parallels to draw. As a digital discipline, social media is now so mainstream that even conservative, techno-phobic business executives and green college graduates know when to call bullshit (so you can’t make the argument that this article was written for newbies).

So please, everyone, FFS. Just stop writing the same shit over and over. Because while the purist in me still loves social as a medium for connecting with interesting people, and the businessman in me still loves social for its ability to generate results, the researcher in me — the guy who spends hours each night reading about all things social, mobile and digital — can’t stomach this type of condescension anymore, about arguments that were settled a long time ago.

Audible sigh.

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