Matt HealeyWednesday,14 November 2012

The Snap

I live in Singapore. For those of you who are not familiar, Singapore is very south. Specifically, Singapore is located at 1 degree north latatitude. So it is hot all the time. The temp ranges from 28 to 33 degrees Celsius with humidity that never gets below 70%.

The Download

I grew up in the north east. Where we had snow. And seasons. Here we do not have seasons. We have hot and humid all the time. It gets annoying. What has brought this feeling on is the storm that hit Boston and New York recently. Now I understand that the greater NY area is no shape for snow, but I still miss snow.

Now the the problem with the lack of seasons is the little things. Snow is one of them. But there are others. Like the fact that we have not been able to put up a Xmas tree for 2 years because there is something wrong with a Xmas palm tree. The fact that fried rice does not really scream Thanksgiving. Our retaliation against this has been to spend the holidays in Australia drinking wine. We intend to do this again this year. Still, snow is nice.

Hat Tips

Singapore Weather, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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