Matt HealeyTuesday,13 November 2012

The Snap

About every 5 years there is a new term that takes over the Information Technology (IT) world. In the late 90’s it was “Dot Com.” Everything became “Dot Com.” After the implosion that caused, we moved on in 2007-ish to “Virtualization.” Everything was being virtualized. I even remember taking a briefing form a services vendor who talked about virtualized support services. This was basically pooling your support staff so they could address multiple clients. Which is also called running a support center. But now we are on to the Cloud. Everything is the Cloud.

The Download

Cloud computing is actually a good idea. It can help to eliminate some of the major problems associated with IT. The most obvious of these to me is that most IT departments need to over build capacity in order to handle spikes in demand. This is a very CapEx heady way of addressing infrastructure. A better system is to move systems and processes that tend to have irregular demand into a pay per use model. The Cloud can enable companies to do this. The other problem Cloud can address is fast changing technologies. The one that jumps to mind is IT security. The security/cybercrime arms race is never ending. This puts tremendous strain on internal IT departments as keeping IT security up to date can be almost impossible. Moving to a Cloud or managed security services approach addresses these concerns.

While this all sounds good, and for the most part it is, the problem with IT is that once a term becomes popular and associated with financial benefits, everything in IT has to fit magically into that description. Everything has to be Cloud. We need Cloud market sizes for everything. And here is the reality: Just like not everything had to move to Dot Com, and there is still a market for non-virtualized servers, not everything will move to the Cloud. IT vendors and IT departments need to learn that not every idea is applicable in every situation. Cloud will help a lot of things. It will not solve all of the IT problems that enterprises have.

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Dilbert Take on CloudHow to Blag an Interview – Description of cloud early days, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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