Matt HealeyMonday,12 November 2012

The Snap:

Before I start this I want people to know that I am very lenient in movie reviews. I tend to think most movies are ok to fair. Very few are exceptional and even fewer are truly awful. Went to see Argo this weekend. This is the movie that is based on the 1979 hostage crisis and the 6 Americans who managed to escape to the Canadian Embassy.

The Download:

I really liked Argo. I thought that Ben Affleck did an excellent with the role and with the movie. There was a degree of authenticity to the movie. The 70’s clothing and tech was accurate and the movie had a 70’s feel to it. I think they even captured the mode on the ground well. It helped that the cast was really good. Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston all did an exceptional job. I also think that movie was good because Ben finally made a really good movie that was not set in Boston.

So overall I would recommend this movie. On another front, we went to see this film a the Golden Village, Gold Class theater. Think the Premium theater in Natick. This is the second movie we have seen in at the gold class theaters and, like the premium theater, it is the only way to see movies. No kids, a few seats, better food. It makes the entire experience much more enjoyable. I am not sure that I will ever go back to the normal theater.

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ArgoGolden ClassPremium Theater, IMDBImage Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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