Matt HealeyMonday,12 November 2012

The Snap:

I can’t even watch. The Giants are not on TV in Singapore often. So when they are, I record it so I can watch them on Monday night. This week I can’t even finish the game. Why why why.

The Download:

God fucking damn it they sucked today. Eli, take the sack. It is better than the interception. I know there is usually a November swoon, but WTF was that? It was so fucking bad I had to turn it off at 30-6. 30 to motherfucking 6! I feel like Bob Uecker in Major league “One hit, that’s all we got, one god damn hit?”

And to top it off, even my fantasy team got killed today in a game I should have won. My team sucks. I won the Super Bowl last year but this year they suck. I hate this shit. How do I go from winning the Super Bowl to not even making the playoffs which is the fucking direction they are going in. This fucking Monday sucks. There is only one thing to be pleased abut, at least I am not an Eagles fan.

Hat Tips:

Major League, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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