Matt HealeySunday,11 November 2012

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A few days ago I wrote an entry about why your vote did not count. The basic premise of the article was that unless you lived in one of the battleground states, voting, at least for the president, was irrelevant. Since that time, there have been a few articles about how the campaigns have ramped up their use of data mining to target smaller and smaller groups of voters.

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There is no doubt that technology is making it easier to target smaller and smaller groups of people and target them directly. The ability is coming from dramatically increased computing power and ever cheaper data storage. Further, the volume of personal data, specifically, user generated data, that is available to marketers, is enormous. I am sure that I have been flagged as a hateful atheist based on these posts.

Now I understand that this is not new information. However, what I wanted to highlight is that when you combine the ability of marketers (and lets face it campaigns are basically huge marketing engines trying to sell us their candidate) to amass and use all of this data, and the winner-take-all electoral system, then you have a situation where a very small number of voters decide who should be the President. That is BS. As far as I can see, an easy solution to this is to move to the national popular vote. The problem is that I suspect that the GOP will never go for it, as they have adopted a small state strategy which would be harmed by a national popular vote.

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National Popular Vote, Microtargeting, New Breed of Campaign, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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