Hanes HallbirnFriday,9 November 2012

The Snap:

Recently, I had the opportunity to do some ghostwriting work for a major multinational corporation. It’s not the sort of work I normally do, but I took on the job because it looked like an interesting role. Furthermore, the contract offered good pay, and I was interested in getting a of view of the company from the inside. And oh, what a view it was — especially during the second week of the contract, when I noticed that a crew had arrived to remodel parts of the facility.

The Download:

As I watched the remodeling work, it struck me as odd that walls were being re-painted, and new carpets were being installed, but only along one path within the facility. These new additions carved out a clean, sparkling route. Meanwhile, walls with chipped paint and floors with ripped carpet were left untouched, just around the corners from the remodeled walking path. When I inquired about the reasoning for this approach, what I discovered was appalling: All the work was being performed along a pre-determined route that the company’s CEO would take through the building in a few days. “This is done at every site he visits,” said one of the workers, who added, “This ensures that he — and the photography team that routinely accompanies him — have a positive impression of all of our locations around the globe.”

So, the goal is to create an ongoing, false impression for the CEO and the media that the company’s smiling, happy employees work in top-notch facilities? Yep. Needless to say, I declined to extend my contract with that organization.

I just couldn’t bear to ghostwrite a story about this executive breaking Kim Jong-Il’s record for the lowest golfing round ever recorded.

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