Matt HealeyThursday,8 November 2012

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I wanted to wait until after the election to write this post. I had toyed with calling it “Why your vote didn’t count”. In the lead up to the election there was a lot of focus on getting out the vote. Now, from the candidates, I understand this, but from the population that lives in the non-battleground stats, I do not.

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The fact is that in America unless you live in a battleground state, your vote is irrelevant. for the 2012 election those were OH, WI, NV, VA, FL, NH, CO. It is not that the in other states have 90+% of the population votes for one party of the other. It is more like 60-40. However with the winner take all electoral process, that is all you need. To figure this out all you need to do is look at where the candidates spend their time and their money. NPR did a very good job of showing this data. The result of this is that the only issues that matter are issues that matter in these states.

But wait, you forgot about the local elections! Those are closer and your vote will count in those. Further,they will likely have a more direct impact on your life. This argument was convincing to me until 2008. That was the year I voted in Brookline. The presidential, senate, and congress elections were all 60+% for the Democrats, as was expected. But the fact was that the local elections were even more one sided as the GOP didn’t even run candidates in all of the local elections. So the instructions were to select 1 of 1. Wow! My vote really matters. What is going to happen if I don’t select 1 of 1? The electoral system has to be killed.

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NPRNational Popular Vote, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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