Hanes HallbirnWednesday,7 November 2012

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U.S. President Barack Obama won his re-election bid on Tuesday, handily defeating Republican nominee Mitt Romney (at least in the Electoral College). Obama’s victory, despite the headwinds of high unemployment and lackluster economic growth, suggests that economic issues may have played less of a role in driving voter behavior on election day (despite earlier polls suggesting otherwise). And while it’s way too early to look forward to 2016, it’s clear that the Republican party needs to re-consider its alliances.

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Obama’s decisive victory should be a clear message to the GOP, and only two words come to mind: No Mas. Or, en Inglés if you prefer: “No More.” As in, No More attempts to take away the control that women have over their own bodies. No More disdain for science, just because the facts are sometimes bad for business. No More refusing to acknowledge that marriage equality — yes, same-sex marriage — is a basic human right. No More obsessing over the failed War on Drugs.

I could go on. And on. And on. But it’s not really necessary, because the message is clear: the GOP, while widely regarded as the party that’s good for business and economic growth, is being dragged down by its continued alliance with the intolerant right wing of the party. It’s likely the GOP would win damn near 40 of 50 states if the party’s leadership stepped up and said simply, “We renounce the parts of our platform that are based on outdated, hateful views. We embrace equality and tolerance, both of which align with our view of a smaller government.”

This has to happen for the GOP, because right now, the party resembles Roberto Duran during the waning moments of his epic 1980 boxing match with Sugar Ray Leonard. Confused. Slow. Irrational. Angry. And what did Duran say when he found himself overmatched by fate? “No Mas.” Surely, there are intellectual leaders within the Republican Party who’ll realize that it’s time for them to say those words as well.

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