Matt HealeyTuesday,6 November 2012

The Snap:

No overview of highlights from the campaign trail series would be complete without going back to one of the weirdest moments. Now, given that the political division of the evangelical christian church nominating a mormon to represent them is pretty weird, the weirdest moment has to be out there.

The Download

I give you Clint Eastwood talking to a chair. What was he thinking when he came up with that idea? The fact is that you can pull that approach off but it is hard. Anyone who doubts that is free to watch Tom Hanks spend the greater part of 90 min talking to a volleyball in Castaway. The difference is that Hanks had much more time and takes to get it right. He also had professional writers develop a script for him. But back to Clint. He decided at the last minute to try to pull this off. What happened? He ended up looking like a complete ass and shifting the focus from Romney to himself. Which is not the main goal on the night the church nominated its candidate.

I guess we can expect a certain number of mistakes in any campaign. After all, campaigns are large organizations and most large organizations will eventually mess up. What I find interesting is the churches need to try to improvise when things are going badly, and when they do it doesn’t really work out for them. Take a look at last election’s god ticket, McCain/Palin, Palin was essentially a last minute attempt to shake things up. To figure out how that worked, ask President Obama. My thought is that they assume that since they have their imaginary friend (god) on their side nothing can go wrong. Seams maybe the imaginary friend is not paying attention because he has other things on his mind as Tim Minchin suggests in the video below.

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Clint Eastwood, Tim Minchin, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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