Matt HealeySaturday,3 November 2012

No excuse. Just lazy.

The Snap:

This is the second of the posts on Fantasy Football. I mentioned in the intro that I was a big fan and you could expect posts on Fantasy. As of right now I am 5-3 in my league and tied for 2nd in the division. But what bothers me is others in my league not even setting a roster for the week.

The Download:

So every week in my league you have to set your roster. this requires you to pick a QB, 2x RB, 2x WR, TE, K, DST and a Flex (WR, RB, or TE). This should take approx 3 min of thinking. It is even easier with bye weeks since some of your players will be on bye and thus not playing. So how hard is it to sit the players who are on bye week and chose ones that at least have a chance of producing some points?

I bring this up because in my league there were 2 people who could not even get this done. They started players that were on bye over players that were actually playing. One might win the other will lose. If you do not have the energy to even submit a roster, then don’t play the game. Quit the league. This should not be hard. In the 7 years that this league has been going on, I have always managed to set a lineup. So, don’t be that guy.

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TMR on “That Guy”, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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