Matt HealeyFriday,2 November 2012

The Snap:

I just saw a tweet from Nate Silver and had to write this. Usually I write the posts a few days in advance but this required an immediate reaction. The tweet said that Indiana was now leaning Dem in the Senate race. This was a significant change as there had been little poling up to this point. For those who have not been following this race, Richard Mourdock, the GOP candidate was the one who explained that if a woman is raped and conceives a child she should have to keep it because it was the will of god.

The Download:

When are the Republicans going to learn that they can not continue to ignore large swaths of the electorate? First you have Romney with the 47% comment, then you have Todd Aiken and legitimate rape and now Mourdock. I get that the GOP has become the political wing of the evangelical Christian church, but if they want to win elections, then need to keep their more extreme positions to themselves. For the GOP these would be opposition to abortion in cases of rape, incest and health of the woman, opposition to contraception, and increasingly opposition out same sex marriage.

While I think that keeping these social positions to themselves would be a good strategy, an even better strategy would be to finally become the party of smaller government. That means, get out of my private life. How is it that the current GOP doesn’t understand that small government doesn’t just mean unrestrained business regulation? It means that the government gets out of my life. The fact is that I miss real republicans because the US is facing some serious problems and having serious people working on solving would be a good thing. But rather than a serious discussion leading to compromise and solid solutions, one side has gone completely insane. The problem is that they have shown no inclination to learn from these mistakes.

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Nate SilverMourdock will of godAiken legitimate rape, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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