Matt HealeyThursday,1 November 2012

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This is the latest entry in the point counterpoint argument about the severity of Americas Fuckedness. What I find interesting is that I was wondering if the tide was beginning to turn towards in favor of the America isn’t fucked side. But you can always count on America to snap you back to reality. “Last week, Wendy Crossland, the mother of that teenager, filed a lawsuit against Monster Beverage….The lawsuit charges that Monster failed to warn about the risks of its energy drinks”

The Download:

OK, so if this was not a Why America is Fucked entry, it would be a segment from Really!?! With Seth and Amy. Really, you didn’t know that Monster energy drink was full of caffeine. What did you think it was that increased your heart rate and made you feel wired? It was either caffeine and sugar, or cocaine. In large quantities neither are any good for you. Further the girl who died had a heart condition. If you have a heart condition, then I think you should go out of your way to avoid things that artificially jack up your heart rate. This is American stupidity at its finest. Do something dumb, like drink a ton of sugar and caffeine with a heart problem, just sue the drink maker. Can’t be your fault.

But my anger is not only directed at the person who is suing. It is also at the US government. Why is it that the supplement market is not held to the same standards as the food industry? According to the article, “Under current F.D.A. rules, companies are not required to disclose caffeine levels in their beverages and can choose to market them as drinks or as dietary supplement. Those regulatory categories have differing labeling and ingredient rules. “ I’m sorry but WTF? supplements are mainly consumed. Things that humans should eat or drink should have a single set of regulation and labeling requirements. Calling Monster energy drink a dietary supplement to avoid disclosing what is in it should cause people to avoid consuming it.

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NYTReally With Seth: PhelpsReally With Seth and Amy, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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