Matt HealeyWednesday,31 October 2012

A sneak peak at my next computer. No iDevices here!

A sneak peak at my next computer. No iDevices here!

The Snap

So for a variety of reasons I need to consider how I deal with home computing. My current setup involves an HP desktop running Win 7, a company issued laptop, a Samsung Galaxy 3S, and a android Tablet.

The Download

The HP desktop is now 3 years old. I am still pretty satisfied with it. There have been some issues, but nothing serious. So I will likely not replace that. The Samsung is a good device and I will be keeping that for a while. The tablet is getting old and I am thinking about an upgrade to another Samsung. But I also think that I need something that I can create posts like these on. So I need a real keyboard because creating even a few paragraph document on a tablet is hell.

So the question is how do I accomplish everything that I want to do for the least amount of money? It would be good to be able to do the following:

1) Create Snap Download posts with a real keyboard
2) Occasionally play some form of games. This is very occasionally, and I tend to not like Multi-player on-line games.
3) Need some form of portable computing capability
4) It would be good to be able to coordinated TV with web.

I am not opposed to multiple devices and I have no interest in an iAnything because I hate AAPL.

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