Matt HealeyTuesday,30 October 2012

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I didn’t know if this should be called why America isn’t fucked or, “Payback’s a Bitch”. The situation involves China and intellectual property. According to the NYT, a business deal between a Chinese mining company and North Korea to develop an Iron ore mine in North Korea went bad. From the NYT article “…the North Korean government sabotaged its $40 million investment, allowing the company to stay just long enough to steal its knowledge…”

The Download

How does it feel now China? After years of stealing others IP someone is now stealing from you and you get your panties in a twist over it? Kettle, I would like you to meet Pot, I think you will find you have a lot in common. And I don’t want to hear the normal shit about how Chinese companies respect the IP of others. That is horseshit. See the report about Huawei and ZTE that the US House released a few weeks ago. Also, I feel comfortable saying that it was China that is doing the stealing, after all, there is no such thing as a private enterprise in China, all “private enterprises” are all part of China Inc.

Now I know that when this is read in China or by a Chinese national they will respond with huge offense. “You cannot say we steal, that is a big insult in China.” Well, here is a tip for you, if you want people to stop calling you thieves, then stop stealing shit. The fact is that China has been steeling others IP forever. They have used that and cheap labor to drive the economy. But now that they are the world’s second largest economy, they are demanding that their IP be respected? NFW. The world should not respect Chinese IP since they have never respected IP from others.

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NYT, House Report, Huawei IP Theft



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