Shane BarnhillFriday,26 October 2012

The Snap

President Barack Obama and Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are now in the home stretch of their respective campaigns for President. Earlier this week, they finished the third and final debate of the election season. According to polls, Romney easily won the first debate, Obama easily won the third, and the two roughly split the second debate (with an edge to Obama). While those interpretations can be argued, one thing is crystal clear: The debates produced some amazing one-liners.

The Download

And those one-liners, really, are what the debates are all about. I’m being serious. In my view, political debates have become mere entertainment, much closer in substance to action-adventure movies than economic reports. The candidates are well trained to avoid saying anything specific or controversial, and they stick closely to pre-defined talking points that have been prepared for them by speech writers. They’re about as informative as those cheesy novels with Fabio on the cover. So if you were hoping to get a good sense of what each candidate would do for this country over the next four years from the debates, then you were looking in the wrong place.

So back to those zingers. Romney had some good ones (“We can’t kill our way out of this mess” comes to mind), and Obama’s “horses and bayonets” quip blew up on Twitter and will perhaps be remembered as the funniest one-liner. But my award for the top zinger from the three debates goes to Obama for his simple, yet effective statement: “Please Proceed, Governor,” which for me replaces Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s “Child Please” as the most insulting way to dismiss someone (see both videos below). I hope the statement proves equal parts confusing and dismissive when I drop it on unsuspecting foes in the future.

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SF Gate, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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