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This is not a picture of a riot. You never saw this. Move along.

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This is part of the continuing why America isn’t fucked series. Since I am living in Asia, I get a lot of news on China. The most recent event, and yes it is not that recent but I have not gotten around to writing this until now, is the riots/strike at Foxconn.

The Download

One of the things that America does relatively well is admit mistakes and correct them. We are by no means perfect, but having lived in Asia, we are much better than countries like China. I was reminded on this when I read about the riots/strike at Foxconn. They clearly were riots despite what Foxconn and the propaganda machine in China said and there was a strike involving 3000-4000 employees.

Now, obviously there is a strong vested interest for any public company not to have their employees riot. The only reason for this from a corporate perspective is the damage they will do to the facility and the CapEx required to fix the damage (As I have mentioned in a previous post, the employees are of no concern). The difference is that in the US the news of the riot would be public and over time problem would be fixed. This is because we can admit when we fucking make a mistake. In China, the problem will be glossed over and there will be no admission that there even was a riot. So nothing will be done and the underlying problem will grow worse. This can not last forever and as China grows continues to dip, the riots will get worse until there is a major problem that really does damage. I am eagerly awaiting that in China.

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