Matt HealeySaturday,20 October 2012

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No so fucked, after all?

The Snap

This is the first if the companion piece to the Why America Is Fucked series. I saw this article about someone on Pakistan who had to go in to hiding because they violated the religious blasphemy laws. I am sorry, but WTF?

The Download

This is complete and total bullshit. As a friend of mine once said, is there and greater proof of the non-existence of god than that he needs you to enforce his will? Regardless, why do you have to attack someone who doesn’t believe in the same imaginary friend as you do? That is totally fucked in head.

But the real point of this is why America is not fucked. It is reasons like this that the rest of the world will eventually let the US back in the game. To restrict what people can say and think based on a book that was written a few thousand years ago is bullshit. This just in, the world has fucking changed since then. Now America has its share of religious nut jobs. Some of them even serve on the House Committee on Science and Technology. The main difference is that these types of blasphemy laws are not yet on the books in the US.

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NYT, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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