Matt HealeyThursday,18 October 2012


Pssst… We’re Lying to You

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Almost every company claims that work life balance matters to them. As employees we all listen to this and react in our own way. Personally, I smirk and say to myself “you don’t seriously expect me to believe this shit do you?” The fact is that work life balance is fiction and no company actually wants work life balance.

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The problem is that everyone has a different view of what work life balance is. For some people, work is life. This view is often looked down on as being inhuman. But it is their choice and they have decided that the designer clothes and sports cars are worth the lack of a personal life. Some people have made a different choice and do not grind quite as hard. This view is often looked down on as lazy. But it is their choice and they have decided that a personal life is more important than material goods.

The point is that in both cases it is and should be the fucking individual that makes the choice, not the company. The company is after more work because they are only interested in driving up the stock price. If they have to drive you into the ground to do it, they will, because they fucking should. The problems come when employees want the rewards of the high paying job without the work, or when the company is unwilling to honor a choice of lower pay for more personal life. If you are an employee, evaluate your options and make your choice. If you are a company leader, honor your employee’s choices as some of them do not want more responsibility because the money isn’t worth the cost in terms of life.

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