Matt HealeyMonday,15 October 2012

How would you determine how many street lights there are in the U.S.? With Google. Duh.

How would you determine how many street lights there are in the U.S.? With Google. Duh.

The Snap

There are a lot of different approaches organizations take when interviewing. Most interviews are behavioral interviews where the goal is to see if the candidate will fit into the organization. The most fucked up companies – the management consulting assholes – use case interviews which is a reason to never use that approach. Regardless of the approach most people live in a high stress environment and figuring out how someone deals with stress is important.

The Download

I do not know anyone who has worked that has not run into the situation where they have more work to do than they have time for. The only exception would be management consultants because I am not sure that those fuckers ever do any work. They charge a lot, but work? Not so much. So how come we do not ask what the candidate will do in that situation?

I like to ask the following: “What are you going to do when I give you 20 hours of work to do and only 10 hours to do it?” What I love is the effort that people put into trying to explain that they could get it all done. You can’t, accept it and move on. And yet candidates will not admit that, which means that you should not hire that person. The fact is that there is only one answer – “I would get the 10 most important hours of work done”. OK maybe there are 2 answers – that one and the management consultant answer “I would spend the 10 hours devising a plan to address the limited time and get none of the actual work done”.

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