Matt HealeySunday,14 October 2012

Jeremy Piven

“How’d the fucking Bay of Pigs go, Lloyd?”

The Snap

This is another of the series that will run through this blog. For those of you who do not know, Ari is Ari Gold, the character played by Jeremy Piven in Entourage. He is, well, very high energy and is my role model and the inspiration for a lot of what I think but cannot say currently.

The Download

My boss is a fucking 2 year old. He is the type that you have to constantly chase for anything. He especially hates administrative tasks. Now I get it. I have a team who work for me and the admin bullshit sucks. Vacation approvals, performance reviews, etc, it all fucking sucks. The problem is that is part of the fucking job for people managers. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t become a manager.

So this is one of the times that I really want to be able to respond with an Ari Gold quality rant. Something that involves Silverback Monkeys (See the “Best of Ari Gold” video clip linked to in the Hat Tips below). Something like “Here is Fucking idea, read and answer your fucking email! And if you are not going to, then tell me how the fuck to get in touch with you because every other fucking thing that I have tried has not fucking worked. Schedule some time with you – why so you can fucking skip that meeting? Fuck you – My fucking job is not to fucking babysit you.”  I think that might work. If you manage people – don’t be that boss.

Hat Tips

IMDB: Ari Gold, Best of Ari Gold, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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